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The Natural History of the Hitchin Region The Natural History of the Hitchin Region
Type : Hardback
Author : Hine, R.L. (Ed.)
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Entomologist's Gazette. Vol. 18, parts 3+4: Robin M. Mere Commemorative Issue

  • Paperback £14.00
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  • Catalogue No : 17314
  • Published : 1967
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 109


Contents: Classey: Robin Marcus Mere; Haggett: Robin Mere, a personal appreciation; Messenger: The late Robin M. Mere as a collector; Huggins: Robin Mere in the field; Eve: List of entomological writings of Robin M. Mere; Bradley et al: Lepidoptera of the Burren, Co. Clare, W. Ireland; Bradley: Changes in the Nomenclature of British Lepidoptera 7; Pelham-Clinton: Bucculatrix merei sp.nov., a newly discovered Scottish species; Tremewan: Zygaena viciae Denis & Schiffermuller in West Scotland; Worms: Review of some Macrolepidoptera in Ireland in the post-war years; Bretherton: Good Years and Bad Years at the Light Trap, 1952-1963; Lorimer: Artificial Cold Treatment of hibernating fully fed Larvae; Uffen: British Records of Coleophora sylvaticella Wood; Gardner: New Record of Lythria purpuraria (L.); Shafer: Illustrated Note on Biology of Rotruda carlinella (Heinemann); Bristowe: More about Joseph Dandridge and his freinds James Petiver and Eleazer Albin; Fourteenth Century Butterfly Nets; Life of Eleanor Glanville

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