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Agromyzidae (Diptera) Plant Pests

by Lonsdale, O.; Murphy, S.T.; Scheffer, S.J.

  • Paperback £46.95
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  • Catalogue No : 55736
  • ISBN : 9786192481148
  • Published : 2023
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 112
  • Publisher : Pensoft
  • Illustrations : 179 col photos + b/w line drawings

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Provides an overview of agromyzid biology, ecology, and agricultural importance.

Damage from species of leafminer flies (Agromyzidae: Diptera) on their plant host(s) is caused mostly by internal larval feeding, but also from female oviposition and feeding punctures, which results in structural damage, the vectoring of viruses and pathogenic fungi, and the exposure of tissue to secondary infection. Many plants of agricultural and ornamental importance are attacked in the field and in glasshouses, and while fly populations are normally kept in check by hymenopterous parasitoids, they sometimes occur in large enough numbers to affect yield and may destroy entire crops. Species affecting crops may be specialists on one host or a larger number of related hosts, but only 16 species of Liriomyza, Phytomyza and Tropicomyia are truly polyphagous. The threat of these flies is compounded by increasing insecticide resistance and the ease by which polyphagous species can multiply on weeds around growing areas or on alternate crops. All species are also readily spread through trade on their host plant or in soil, causing some species to become globally invasive, with some being of quarantine concern. An overview of agromyzid biology, ecology and agricultural importance is provided, and detailed consideration is given for 26 major pests of special concern. For each of these species, an overview of contemporary knowledge is provided for identification and diagnosis, global distribution, hosts plant(s), host damage, biology, and means of dispersal. To aid in their control, early warning systems, and means of field monitoring and management are provided.

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