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Libraries and Collections

Some of our recent purchases of interesting individual libraries or collections of second-hand books are listed below. Click on the title of the collection to display all titles within that collection.

  • Michael Archer's Library
    The library of Michael Archer, British hymenopterist and author of 'Vespine Wasps of the World' (2012).
  • Library of Pamela Gilbert
    Pamela Gilbert (1932–2015) was the head of the Entomology Library and latterly Deputy Head of Library Services, at Natural History Museum, London. During her long and fruitful career at the Museum (1951–1992) she had gained a reputation as an ‘entomologists’ librarian’, the ‘doyenne of Lepidoptera librarians’. She also made important contributions to the History of Entomology, helping produce a series of invaluable reference works in the field. Her best known publication is the self-described ‘necrology of entomology’ - 'A Compendium of the Biographical Literature on Deceased Entomologists' (1978) and its companion volume 'A Source Book for Biographical Literature on Entomologists' (2007). Pam also took a great interest in manuscript, artwork and other historical material and produced works such as 'Butterfly Collectors and Painters. Four centuries of colour plates from The Library Collections of the Natural History Museum London' (2000), and 'John Abbot: Birds, Butterflies and Other Wonders' (1998). She also co-authored 'A Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Entomology Library of the Natural History Museum, London' (1996) and contributed to many other works. Many of the books in the collection are association and presentation copies inscribed to her by publishers, authors and illustrators.
  • Library of Barry Goater
    Books from the library of Barry Goater, British lepidopterist.
  • Greathead, David J. (2023-11)
    David J. Greathead (1931-2006), was a British dipterist and world authority on the Bombyliidae (bee-flies). He was an influential figure in the field of biological control. He travelled widely in Africa and was interested in the history of the continent.
  • Prof Jim Green
    Prof. Jim Green (1928-2016), Professor of Zoology at Queen Mary College, University of London, was a specialist in Crustacea. He had a wide interest in natural history and amassed a large library.
  • Keith Hyatt
    Keith Hyatt (d. 2021), acarologist at the Natural History Museum, London, and prominent member of the London Natural History Society.
  • Library of Trevor James (1947-2020)
    Trevor James was a Hertfordshire naturalist involved in biological recording at county and national level. His landmark achievements are two exceptional books: Flora of Hertfordshire (2009) and Beetles of Hertfordshire (2018). The former, which covers almost 2,000 species then recorded, raised the bar for information and standards of presentation in a county-level publication. His book on beetles is unique in the UK and provides information on all 2,483 beetle species recorded in the county at the time of publication. His wide interest in natural history is represented in his library.
  • Library of Chris O'Toole
    Books from the library of the late Chris O'Toole (d. 2021), British hymenopterist, and specialist on bees. He worked at the Hope Entomological Collections of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.
  • Prof. A.J. Cave's Library
    Books from the library of Prof. Alexander James Edward Cave, (1900-2001), British anatomist, Professor of Anatomy, St. Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College, 1946-1967 and President of the Linnean Society 1970-1973. Cave had a wide range of interests, as a devote Catholic he conducted examinations on a number of saint’s relics, published works on the rhinoceros, and studied the bodies of Egyptian mummies.
  • A collection of Diptera Books
  • Ken Smith
    Books from the Library of K.G.V. Smith (1929-2017), Dipterist, Darwin collector, Editor of Entomologist's Monthly Magazine.
  • The Library of W.G. Tremewan
    Gerry Tremewan (1931-2016) was a famous Cornish entomologist who worked on Lepidoptera from the age of 12 until his death aged 85, specialising for over 60 years on the Zygaenidae. He was also editor of the 'Entomologist's Gazette' for 52 years.
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