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Aleocharine Rove Beetles of Eastern Canada (Coleoptera Staphylinidae Aleocharinae): A Glimpse of Megadiversity

by Klimaszewski, J.; Webster, R.P.; Langor, D.W.; Brunke, A.; Davies, A.; Bourdon, C.; Labrecque, M.; Newton, A.F.; Dorval, J.-A.; Frank, J.H.

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  • Catalogue No : 35297
  • ISBN : 9783319773438
  • Published : DEC 2018
  • Cover : Hardback
  • Pages : xii, 879
  • Publisher : Springer
  • Illustrations : 6 b/w illus, 426 col illus

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A first comprehensive synopsis of all aleocharine rove beetle species (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) recorded from eastern Canada, from Ontario to the Maritime Provinces inclusively, is presented. Four hundred and five recorded species in 95 genera, 20 subtribes and 17 tribes are presented and discussed.Tribes and subtribes are arranged in presumably phylogenetic order as it is currently recognized. Genera and subgenera are listed alphabetically. Species are listed alphabetically or in species groups to better reflect their relationships. Species distribution is listed by abbreviated provinces and territories in Canada and abbreviated states in the United States. Geographic status is given to every species as Native, Holarctic or adventive with some species listed with undetermined status - adventive or Holarctic. Every treated species is presented with a diagnosis, including short description of body and description of the median lobe of aedeagus, spermatheca, and tergite and sternite VIII of both sexes. For each species a plate with colour habitus image and black and white images of genital structures is provided to aid with positive identification. Collection and habitat data (often new) are presented for each species, including data on macrohabitat, microhabitat, collecting period, and collecting methods.

- The only book in North America, treating 400+ species with original, superb illustrations (over 400 plates, one per species) and identification keys

- Provides new, most often previously unknown data on the habitat for every species, and keys to identification of higher taxa and species level taxa are provided

- The book also includes additional color plates for the introductory chapters on historical review, material and methods (e.g. microdissections, collection methods), faunal composition, discussion and synoptic table of eastern Canadian Aleocharinae

- Aleocharine rove beetles are important as indicator group in forestry research and particular in impact studies; thus this book is an invaluable source for entomologists, taxonomists and ecologists across Canada and the USA, students, institutions of nature conservation, and scientists across the world

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