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Sand Dunes of the Northern Hemisphere: Distribution, Formation, Migration and Management. Vol. 1: Formation and Evolution of Dune Landscapes

by Lu, Q.; Gaur, M.K.; Squires, V.R. (Eds)

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  • Catalogue No : 51005
  • ISBN : 9780367646059
  • Published : FEB 2023
  • Cover : Hardback
  • Pages : 444
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Illustrations : 69 col + 119 b/w illus

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First of two volumes with a Foreword by the renowned Professor M.A.J. Williams. Draws on evidence from coastal and inland regions, including desert dunes, wind-blown dust, river and lake sediments, glacial moraines, plant and animal fossils, isotope geochemistry, soils and prehistoric archaeology to better understand the genesis and development of dunes systems in selected northern hemisphere sand dunes from Asia, Africa and the Middle East regions.

The collection of research papers and case studies that are presented in this book provide the reader with a wealth of information about the distribution and types of sand dunes and an insight into the complexity of sand dune formation, migration and management. Research in many countries across the northern hemisphere on Dunes, whether coastal or inland are under pressure around the world. Much of the pressure comes from human activities, and the anthropogenic disturbance, when coupled with global warming and alterations to the amount, frequency and temporal distribution of precipitation could lead to more serious management challenges in the future.

There is much that we still need to find out about the origin, genesis and development of sand dunes so that they can be managed better. The difficult and complex questions being repeatedly raised can be answered only by interdisciplinary endeavours. Geomorphologists, geologists, palaeontologists, climatologists, ecologists, and others, can work together on research projects that better define the origin, evolution and development of dunes, both inland and along the coasts.

Many chapters attempt to reconstruct past climatic changes in deserts and their margins at a variety of scales in space and time in the expectation that such information might assist in preparing us for future global warming and drying.

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