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Taxonomic Revision and Distribution of Family Lycaenidae (Papilionoidea: Lepidoptera) from Indian Himalaya

by Sidhu, A.K.; Kumar, C.

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  • Catalogue No : 30817
  • ISBN : 9788181714367
  • Published : 2016
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : ix, 352

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Memoirs of the Zoological Survey of India. Vol. 22, No. 3.

Contents: Introduction. Review of literature. Material, methods and procedure of study. Genus Abisara felder and felder: 1. Abisara fylla (Westwood). Genus Zemeros boisduval. 2. Zemeros flegyas (Cramer). Genus Dodona Hewitson. Genus Dodona Hewitson: Key to the species of the genus Dodona Hewitson: 3. Dodona eugenes bates. 4. Dodona dipoea Hewitson. 5. Dodona durga (Kollar). Diagnostic characters of the subfamily poritiinae Doherty. Genus Poritia Moore. 6. Poritia hewitsoni Moore. Genus allotinus felder and felder. 7. Allotinus drumila (Moore). Genus Spalgis moore. 8. Spalgis epeus (Westwood). 9. Curetis acuta moore. 10. Curetis bulis (Westwood). Genus Styrium Scudder. 11. Satyrium sassanides (Kollar). Genus Horaga Moore: 12. Horaga onyx (Moore). 13. Horaga albimacula (Wood-Mason and de Niceville). Genus Hypolycaena felder and felder. 14. Hypolycaena erylus (Godart). Genus Zeltus de Niceville. 15. Zeltus amasa (Hewitson). Genus Chliaria Moore. 16. Chliaria othona (Hewitson). 17. Chliaria Kina (Hewitson). Genus spindasis Wallengren. 18. Spindasis rukma (de Nieville). 19. Spindasis elima (Moore). 20. Spindasis ictis (Hewitson). 21. Spindasis lohita (horsfield). 22. Spindasis vulcanus (Fabricius). 23. Spindasis syama (Horsfield). 24. Spindasis rukmini (de Niceville). 25. Spindasis nipalicus (moore). 26. Spindasis elwesi evans. Genus Apharitis riley: 27. Apharitis lilacinus moore. Genus remelana moore. 28. Remelana jangala (horsfield). Genus ancema Eliot: 29. Ancema ctesia (Hewitson). Genus charana de Niceville. 30. Charana mandarina (Hewitson). Genus Pratapa Moore: 31. Pratapa icetas (Hewitson). Genus Chaetoprocta de Niceville. 32. Chaetoprocta odata (Hewitson). Genus Euaspa Moore. 33. Euaspa millionia (Hewitson). 34. Euaspa ziha (Hewitson). Genus Chrysozephyrus Shirozu and Yamamoto. 35. Chrysozephyrus ataxus (Westwood). 36. Chrysozephyrus birupa (Moore). Genus Esakiozephyrus Shirozu and Yamamoto. 37. Esakiozephyrus mandara (Doherty). Genus Sinthusa moore. 38. Sinthusa chandrana (moore). Genus Deudorix Hewitson: 39. Deudorix epijarbas (Moore). Genus virachola moore. 40. Virachola Isocrates (fabricius). Genus rapala moore. 41. Rapala tara de Niceville. 42. Rapala iarbus (Fabricius). 43. Rapala scintilla de Niceville. 44. Rapala manea Hewitson. 45. Rapala selira (Moore). 46. Rapala nissa (Kollar). 47. Rapala Pheretima (Hewitson). Genus Loxura Horsfield. 48. Loxura atymnus (Stoll). Genus Surendra Moore. 49. Surendra vivarna (Horsfield). 50. Surendra florimel Doherty. Genus Arhopala Boiduval. 51. Arhopala abseus (Hewitson). 52. Arhopala alax (Evans). 53. Arhopala atrax (Hewitson). 54. Arhopala amantes (Hewitson). 55. Arhopala pseudocentaurus (Doubleday). 56. Arhopala dodonaea (Moore). 57. Arhopala ganesa (Moore). 58. Arhopala rama (Kollar). 59. Arhopala paramuta (de Niceville). Genus Flos Doherty: 60. Flos areste (Hewitson). 61. Flos asoka (de Niceville). Genus Ticherra de Niceville). 62. Ticherra acte (Moore). Genus Cheritra Moore. 63. Cheritra freja (fabricius). Genus Heliophorus Geyer. 64. Heliophorus sena (Kollar). 65. Heliophorus ila (de Niceville). 66. Heliophorus epicles (Godart). 67. Heliophorus oda (Hewitson). 69. Heliophorus moorei (Hewitson). 70. Heliophorus androcles (Westwood). 71. Heliophorus brahma Moore. 72. Heliophorus tamu (Kollar). Genus Lycaena Fabricius. 73. Lycaena phlaeas (Linnaeus). 74. Lycaena panava (Westwood). 75. Lycaena Kasyapa (Moore). 76. Anthene emolus (Godart). 77. Anthene lycaenina (R. Felder). Genus Jamides Hubner: 78. Jamides bochus (Stoll). 79. Jamides celeno (cramer). 80. Jamides alecto C. Felder. 81. Jamides elpis (Godart). Genus Azanus Moore. 82. Azanus ubaldus (Stoll). 83. Azanus Uranus butler. Genus Leptotes Scudder. 84. Leptotes plinius (Fabricius). Genus Tarucus Moore. 85. Tarucus venosus Moore. 86. Tarucus hazara evans. 87. Tarucus alteratus moore. 88. Tarucus balkanicus (Freyer). 89. Tarucus indica evans. Genus castalius Hubner. 90. Castalius rosimon (Fabricius). Genus castalius Hubner. 91. Lampides boeticus (Linnaeus). Genus prosotas H.H. Druce. 92. Prosotas dubiosa (Semper). 93. Prosotas nora (C. Felder). Genus Nacaduba Moore. 94. Nacaduba beroe (Felder and felder). 95. Nacaduba hermus (C. Felder). Genus Everes Hubner. 96. Evers lacturnus (Godart). 97. Everes argiades (Pallas). 98. Everes huegelii (Gistel). Genus catochrysops boisduval. 99. Catochrysops Strabo (Fabricius). Genus Chilades Moore. 100. Chilades lajus (Cramer). 101. Chilades parrhasius (Fabricius). 102. Chilades pandava (Horsfield). Genus Euchrysops butler. 103. Euchrysops cnejus (Fabricius). Genus Albulina Tutt. 104. Albulina metallica (Felder and felder). 105. Albulina imphisa (Moore). 106. Albulina galathea (Blanchard). Genus polyommatus latreille. 107. Polyommatus florenciae (Tytler). 108. Polyommatus eros (Ochsenheimer). 109. Polymmatus icarus (Rottemburg). Genus pseudophilotes Beuret. 110. Pseudophilotes vicrama (Moore). Genus Aricia R.L. 111. Aricia agestis (Denis and schiffermuller). Genus Freyeria Courvoisier. 112. Freyeria trochylus (Freyer). 113. Freyeria pulti (Kollar). Genus Zizula chapman. 114. Zizula hylax (Fabricius). Genus Zizina chapman. 115. Zizina otis (Fabricius). Genus Zizeeria chapman. 116. Zizeeria karsandra (Moore). Genus pseudozizeeria beuret. 117. Pseudozizeeria maha (Kollar). Genus caleta fruhstorfer. 118. Caleta elna (Hewitson). 119. Caleta decidia (Hewitson). Genus Talicada Moore. 120. Talicada nyseus (Guerin Meneville). Genus Megisba Moore. 121. Megisba Malaya (Horsfield). Genus Neopithecops distant. 122. Neopithecops zalmora (Butler). Genus oreolyce toxopeus. 123. Oreolyce (Arletta) vardhana (Moore). Genus acytolepis toxopeus. 124. Acytolepis puspa (Horsfield). Genus Udara toxoepus. Subgens udara toxopeus. 125. Udara Udara dilecta Moore. Sugenus penudra eliot and Kawazoe. 126. Udara (Penudara) albocaeruleus Moore. Genus celastrina tutt. 127. Celastrina argiolus (Linnaeus). 128. Celastrina huegelii (Moore). 129. Celastrina gigas (Hemming). Genus celatoxia eliot and Kawazoe. 130. Celatoxia marginata (de Niceville). General conclusions, discussion and scope for further research. Bibliography.

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