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Vector-Mediated Transmission of Plant Pathogens

by Brown, J.K. (Ed.)

  • Hardback £395.00
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  • Catalogue No : 33376
  • ISBN : 9780890545164
  • Published : 2016
  • Cover : Hardback
  • Pages : 510

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This comprehensive monograph unravels the complexities behind pathogen-vector interactions at the mechanistic, biochemical, cellular-tissue-organ, and functional genomics levels. It covers all major vector types, key pathogens, and details of their interactions. Explains in detail the complex range of factors and interactions related to the vector-mediated transmission of plant pathogens, including:

- The various types of vectors involved, including arthropods, mites, fungi, and organisms once classified as fungal pathogens, nematodes, and trypanosomatids.

- A variety of key pathogens, including eubacteria, fungi, plant pathogenic nematodes, as well as plant RNA and DNA viruses

- The many mechanistic and ecological roles related to vector-mediated transmission

- The pathogen's coevolved interactions with particular type and parts of the vector at hand

- The defined pathways between the vector and host

- Specific retention-inoculation characteristics in relation to the vector and plant host

Each chapter offers detailed examples of particular pathogen-vector interaction modes, tying together many years of research to advance the understanding of pathogen-vector biology and interactions at biochemical, cellular-tissue-organ, and functional genomics levels. The final section includes short treatises on a number of emerging pathogen-vector complexes which will require further research. They were written with the goal of inspiring students and researchers to continue to advance this important field of study. This book spans the disciplines of plant pathology, virology, bacteriology, mycology, entomology, and ecology. It is an ideal textbook and reference for students, professors, and all those who study or specialize in vector biology in generalóor in relation to any of these disciplines.

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