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Entomologist's Gazette

The Entomologist's Gazette was founded in 1950 as a journal for British entomology, but the scope was subsequently broadened to include Europe, and then the whole of the Palaearctic Region. The journal includes peer reviewed papers and notes on the biodiversity, biology, conservation, ecology, genetics, distribution, historical perspectives, taxonomy and systematics of all orders of Palaearctic insects, with an emphasis on the Lepidoptera. Submissions are welcomed from professional and amateur entomologists, and the editors will be pleased to advise on the suitability or presentation of any manuscript. This respected journal publishes papers, notes and book reviews facilitating the dissemination of entomological research and observations, engaging with an international readership.

Published quarterly at the end of January, April, July and October.

Subscripton Rates

Our subscription rates can be found below. You can subscribe to the Entomologists Gazette or renew an existing subscription using the appropriate option.

Subscription Type Price
Individual UK Subscription (Vol. 69, 2018)£35.00Subscribe
Individual EU Subscription (Vol. 69, 2018)£40.00Subscribe
Individual Rest of World Subscription (Vol. 69, 2018)£45.00Subscribe
Institution UK Subscription (Vol. 69, 2018)£76.00Subscribe
Institution EU Subscription (Vol. 69, 2018)£84.00Subscribe
Institution Rest of World Subscription (Vol. 69, 2018)£90.00Subscribe

Previous Issues

View details of previous issues of the Entomologists Gazette.

Editorial Board

ADRIAN SPALDING, MA, PhD, FLS, FRES, MCIEEM : editor@entgazette.com

Assistant Editors:
M. R. Honey, CBiol, MRSB

Editorial Panel:
P. C. Barnard, PhD, ARCS, HonFRES
P. J. Chandler, BSc
Professor R. L. H. Dennis, BA, PhD, DSc, FLS, FRES
Professor K. A. Efetov, DrBiolSci, DrMedSci
B. Goater, BSc, CBiol, MRSB
C. Johnson, MSc, FRES
H. Malicky, DrPhil
M. R. Shaw, BA, MA, DPhil, FRSE, FRES
Professor G. M. Tarmann, PhD, MSc
M. R. Wilson, PhD, BSc, FLS, FRES
M. R. Young, BSc, PhD, CBiol, FRSB, FRES

Notes for Contributors

The Editor of the Entomologist's Gazette welcomes the submission of papers and notes and observations dealing with Palaearctic entomology. All articles are subject to peer review and may be returned to the author for modification before final acceptance. No material submitted to the Entomologist's Gazette should be simultaneously submitted to any other journal. Any queries on the presentation or suitability of a manuscript for publication may be directed to the Editor, who will be pleased to advise.

Contributions should be sent to the Editor and submitted as a word file, preferably by e-mail to a.spalding@spaldingassociates.co.uk. Authors are advised to follow the style and format of the Entomologist's Gazette when submitting their manuscripts. Although every care is taken, the editors and publisher cannot be held responsible for loss of manuscripts, drawings, photographs or digital copies.

Nomenclature: should be based on the most recently revised check-lists, or on a more recent authoritative work. Authors of scientific names should not be abbreviated and, together with the original date of publication, must be placed in parentheses when required.

Formatting: Style and formatting should be kept to a minimum, but generic and specific names, titles of journals and books, and 'et al.' should be italicised.

Measurements: sizes, altitudes and distances should be expressed in metric units, e.g. 1000 m, 10 km, 50 mm

Dates: should be cited as, for example, '2.x.2000' or '2 October 2000' and should be uniform within the paper.

Synopsis: A brief synopsis followed by a list of key words should be included with each paper and placed before the introduction or introductory paragraphs.

Acknowledgements: should be listed in a separate paragraph at the end of the text, preceding the list of references.

References: in papers should be listed at the end of the paper, not as footnotes, and arranged in alphabetical order by author and styled as follows:

Tremewan, W. G. 1989. Biological, ecological and synonymic notes on Zygaena (Zygaena) persephone Zerny, 1934 (Lepidoptera: Zygaenidae). Entomologist's Gazette 40: 15–20, pls 4, 5.

A text reference to this paper should then be cited as follows: 'Tremewan (1989: 19, pl. 5, fig. 6) described and illustrated the cocoon ...' or '... (Tremewan, 1989)'; the term '… et al.' should be used in the text when there are more than three authors, but in the list of references all authors should be cited.

In 'Notes and Observations', the reference should be placed in parentheses within the text as follows: '(Tremewan, 1989, Entomologist's Gazette 40: 15–20, pls 4, 5)'.

Titles of periodicals and books must be cited in full; those of books should be listed as follows:

Tremewan, W. G. 1988. A Bibliography of the Zygaeninae (Lepidoptera: Zygaenidae) 188 pp. Colchester.

Illustrations: should preferably be sent electronically in EPS, TIFF or JPG format (or as native format files from your graphics software). Figures should be at least the same size as the final intended appearance when published, and at a resolution of at least 300 d.p.i. for colour and greyscale photographs, or 1200 d.p.i. for line drawings. Images should be submitted as separate files, not embedded within a text file.

If you are unable to supply electronic files you may send colour slides or good quality photographic prints, or original drawings in black waterproof ink on good quality paper, for scanning. Please note that original illustrations and other material will not be returned to authors unless requested. For accurate colour reproduction it may be necessarThe numbering or lettering of all illustrations within a paper should run consecutively, be uniform in style and take into account any reduction that might be required so that, when reproduced, the numbers or letters are all of the same size. The captions should be placed after the list of references at the end of the paper, one paragraph per group of figures. Colour illustrations are accepted and the authors will generally be charged for the use of colour; however, some discretion may be shown.

Tables: Please do not align the columns in tables by multiple spaces or tabs. Each column should be separated by only a single tab.

Permissions: It is the responsibility of the author(s) to obtain permissions, where necessary, for material quoted or reproduced from other works. All such material, text and illustrations, should be suitably acknowledged.

Proofs: A set of proofs will be sent to an author for checking and correcting. Alterations to the original text at the proof stage should be kept to a minimum. Significant changes by the author at this stage of publication may incur a charge.

Offprints: On publication twenty-five off-prints are supplied free of charge to authors for papers. Additional off-prints may be ordered at a cost and should be ordered on the off-print form enclosed with the proofs. No free offprints are supplied for 'Notes & Observations', and if required these should be ordered at the scale of charges shown on the offprint order form. A PDF of the published paper will also be supplied on request.

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

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