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Geological Conservation Review. Vol. 1-34

by Various authors

  • Hardback
  • Used Book Availability : SOLD
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  • Catalogue No : 45044
  • Published : 1989-2009
  • Cover : Hardback


The aim of the Geological Conservation Review series is to provide a public record of the features of interest and importance at localities already notified or being considered for notification as `Sites of Special Scientific Interest' (SSSIs). All volumes in the series were written to the highest scientific standards and incorporate the cumulative insights of generations of leading earth scientists, in such a way that the assessment and conservation value of the sites is clear. The GCR was a world-first project of its type in the systematic assessment of the whole geological heritage of a country.

This set comprises the first 34 volumes (of 45):

Vol. 1: An Introduction to the Geological Conservation Review

Vol. 2: Quaternary of Wales

Vol. 3: Caledonian Structures in Britain

Vol. 4: British Tertiary Volcanic Province

Vol. 5: Igneous Rocks of South-West England

Vol. 6: Quaternary of Scotland

Vol. 7: Quaternary of the Thames

Vol. 8: Marine Permian of England

Vol. 9: Palaeozoic Palaeobotany of Great Britain

Vol. 10: Fossil Reptiles of Great Britain

Vol. 11: British Upper Carboniferous Stratigraphy

Vol. 12: Karst and Caves of Great Britain

Vol. 13: Fluvial Geomorphology of Great Britain

Vol. 14: Quaternary of South-West England

Vol. 15: British Tertiary Stratigraphy

Vol. 16: Fossil Fishes of Great Britain

Vol. 17: Caledonian Igneous Rocks of Britain

Vol. 18: British Cambrian to Ordovician Stratigraphy

Vol. 19: British Silurian Stratigraphy

Vol. 20: Precambrian Rocks of England and Wales

Vol. 21: British Upper Jurassic Stratigraphy

Vol. 22: Mesozoic and Tertiary Palaeobotany of Great Britain

Vol. 23: British Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphy

Vol. 24: Permian and Triassic Red Beds and the Penarth Group of Great Britain

Vol. 25: Quaternary of Northern England

Vol. 26: British Middle Jurassic Stratigraphy

Vol. 27: Carboniferous and Permian Igneous Rocks of Great Britain

Vol. 28: Coastal Geomorphology of Great Britain

Vol. 29: British Lower Carboniferous Stratigraphy

Vol. 30: British Lower Jurassic Stratigraphy

Vol. 31: Old Red Sandstone Rocks of Great Britain

Vol. 32: Mesozoic and Tertiary Fossil Mammals and Birds of Great Britain

Vol. 33: Mass Movements in Britain

Vol. 34: Lewisian, Torridonian and Moine Rocks of Scotland


34 vols, 4to, orig. laminated boards. Two volumes torn to foot of spine. A very good set.

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