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Owl Monkeys: Biology, Adaptive Radiation, and Behavioral Ecology of the Only Nocturnal Primate in the Americas

by Fernandez-Duque, E. (Ed.)

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  • Catalogue No : 51001
  • ISBN : 9783031135545
  • Published : APR 2023
  • Cover : Hardback
  • Pages : x, 440

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Integrate 25 years of data on owl monkeys since the publication of the only book focused on the genus in 1994. The genus Aotus was one of the least understood genera at the time of that book; all knowledge from wild populations was limited to one doctoral dissertation on behavioral ecology. At the same time, there had been then some important research associated first with the establishment of captive colonies and later with their management.

Twenty-five years later, the situation is very different. Research on captive owl monkeys has continued to develop, with valuable contributions in a number of disciplines related to medicine. What is different is that there is now enough information on the behavior, ecology, conservation, and biogeography of the genus for a synthesis.

The book synthesizes new field data on their behavior, ecology, reproduction, and mating strategies spanning their entire continental range (Panama to Argentina). It includes theoretical perspectives drawn from evolutionary biology, biological anthropology, anatomy, morphology and physiology, genetics, endocrinology and conservation biology to examine a specific set of adaptations that have allowed owl monkeys to exploit the nocturnal niche while functioning in a pair-living sexually monogamous system with remarkable patterns of paternal care.

The author, with 30 years of experience working with both captive and wild primates, has directed the longest project on any owl monkey species and has conducted original research on virtually all topics related to the biology and evolution of owl monkeys. His expertise and published record working with both wild populations and laboratory colonies will make of this book one of the few volumes on any primate genus that not only covers knowledge from both captive and wild primates, but devotes an important portion of the content to exploring questions through the integration of both approaches.

Additionally, the volume moves beyond more traditional approaches by several additional features: (1) it brings together a combination of well-established researchers who during four decades have relied on captive owl monkeys as a system of study with a new generation of younger scientists who have, for the last 10-20 years been spear heading their study in the wild, (2) it draws from a remarkably diverse range of authors representing all countries where owl monkeys are present, as well as the U.S and Europe, and (3) it focuses on presenting synthesis chapters; in doing so, it will surely become a reference book not only for those specifically interested in the taxon, but anyone interested in the broadest topics that are covered.

There have been several recent volumes on the ecology and behavior but no single volume is devoted to owl monkeys. A complete volume on owl monkeys is both needed and timely. Needed because of the lack of a similar book since 1994, and timely because of the synergy that has resulted from the author's efforts in promoting and contributing to the development of owl monkey research across the continent.

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