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The Metalwing Demoiselles (Neurobasis and Matronoides) of the Eastern Tropics

by Orr, A.G.; Hamalainen, M.

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  • Catalogue No : 16227
  • ISBN : 9789838121231
  • Published : 2007
  • Cover : Hardback
  • Pages : x, 115

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The metalwing demoiselles of the eastern tropics include 14 species in two genera of calopterygid damselflies, distributed from Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the west, to southern China and New Guinea in the east. With their brilliant iridescent hindwings, the males of Neurobasis are among the most conspicuous inhabitants of clear forest streams throughout the region. M.A. Lieftinck was so impressed by their beauty he called them the ‘Birds of Paradise’ among Odonata. This book provides a taxonomic revision of the group (including a new species from the highlands of New Guinea). The book also includes a detailed historical account of the study of metalwings, beginning with the description of 'Libellula chinensis' by Linnaeus from a coloured drawing in a book on rare birds, published in 1750. This book summarises all published information on all aspects of metalwing biology, and includes many original observations on their ecology and behaviour, based on the authors’ personal experiences

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