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The Natural History of the Hitchin Region The Natural History of the Hitchin Region
Type : Hardback
Author : Hine, R.L. (Ed.)
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Checklist of Beetles of the British Isles

by Duff, A.G. (Ed.)

  • Paperback £24.99
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  • Catalogue No : 34365
  • ISBN : 9780957335738
  • Published : 2018
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 248

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Third revised edition. A comprehensive checklist of beetles recorded from Great Britain and Ireland, including the Isle of Man, but not the Channel Islands. Provides a comprehensive listing of subfamilies, genera and species, with synonyms used in the British and Irish entomological literature. The checklist aims to include all species that have been reliably recorded from the British Isles as possible residents or naturally occurring vagrants. Exotic species which are only known from importation, and have never formed established populations, are listed in an appendix. There is another appendix on species only known from subfossil remains in Quaternary deposits.

Compared to the second edition: the taxonomy and nomenclature have been brought more closely into conformity with the Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera; for the first time inclusion of original genera in citations, where different from the current genus; a consistent treatment of subgenera has been adopted in the main systematic list; there is a more detailed synonymy; a more detailed summary of taxonomic and nomenclatural changes since the previous edition; inclusion for the first time of an index to species-group names; 70 new species have been added to the main list, and 11 species have been removed.

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