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Die Blattkäfer Baden-Württembergs

by Rheinheimer, J.; Hassler, M.

  • Hardback £85.00
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  • Catalogue No : 35074
  • ISBN : 9783981811025
  • Published : 2018
  • Cover : Hardback
  • Pages : 928
  • Publisher : Kleinsteuber
  • Published In : Stuttgart
  • Illustrations : 1000+ col illus

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Text German. New comprehensive treatment of the Chrysomelidae (leaf and seed beetles) of Germany, including all 543 recorded species. Also includes the small families Megalopodidae and Orsodacnidae. First detailed monograph on the group for 120 years. The Introduction includes development, natural history and behaviour. Chapters include paleontology, host plants, biochemistry (poisons and pheromones), which have been extensively researched in this group, and on the enemies and diseases. The habitats of leaf beetles in Baden-Württemberg are also discussed and illustrated by colour photos. Also chapters on history of leaf beetle research, statistical data and the collectors and data sources. Includes a Checklist of species with reference to Red List status and distribution in Baden-Württemberg. In the species section all 543 species found in Germany, as well as several possibly occurring species from neighbouring regions, are included. Each species account includes synonyms, habits, ecology, foodplants, biochemistry, parasitology, economic significance, distribution, threats and red list status. Distribution is shown for Germany and neighbouring areas, and regionally for Baden-Württemberg. Large-format, colour photos of living specimens for over 80% of the species are included, and for over 50 species this includes the immature stages. To facilitate identification, the keys from Freude, Harde, Lohse, 'Käfer Mitteleuropas', have been brought up to date, summarized and revised. 70 additional plates include large format images of a set specimen for each species. For all the critically important species, especially the tribe Alticini, the genitalia are also illustrated on 12 separate plates. The Bibliography includes more than 2300 references. The book is produced in the same format as 'Die Rüsselkäfer Baden Württembergs' (2010).

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